This article sheds light on various interesting and intriguing gifting ideas for the vibrant and luminous festival of Diwali.

Diwali Presents Ideas

The radiant and joyous festival of Diwali celebrates life itself. On this day, when there is no moon in the sky, light from millions of diyas, candles and light bulbs lit throughout the country resonate the fact that darkness can never win over light, which represents positive thinking and beliefs. Besides worshipping Goddess Laxmi, exchanging gifts with family, friends as well as social and business acquaintances is also a significant part of this festival. Therefore, we have come up with an ingenious list of intriguing Diwali gifting ideas that will assist you in presenting wonderful and exquisite Diwali gifts to one and all. Delicious sweets, chocolates, dry fruits, and other food gift hampers, along with latest apparels, make some really enchanting Diwali gift options for people of all ages and tastes. Take a look at the following lines for some great Diwali gifting ideas.

Food Hampers
No Indian festival, especially Diwali, is complete without delectable sweets, dry fruits and various other traditional edible items. Therefore, it is apparent for one to find a plethora of lip-smacking and taste-titillating food baskets, right from assorted dry fruit baskets, delectable chocolate hampers to mouth-watering Indian desserts like rasgullas, ladoos, gulab jamun, etc. packed in airtight cans, in the markets. Large food hampers can be enjoyed by the entire family together. For calorie conscious and diabetics, there is a special range of low-calorie and sugar-free desserts available allowing everyone to satisfy their sweet tooth on the occasion of Diwali.

Traditional Apparels and Jewelry
Various colorful traditional outfits for people of all ages and tastes are also available in the markets that make an apt Diwali present. During the five day celebration of Diwali, it is considered highly auspicious to wear new clothes; thus, beautiful rich fabric clothes, embroidered with finesse made for both men and women, make a wonderful Diwali gift. You can either buy readymade garments or gift fabrics. For women, saris as well as salwar kameez make a good buy while for men, sherwanis and shirts are ideal options. Jewelry of various precious as well as semiprecious metals is also considered an appropriate present on Diwali, ranging from bracelets, rings, chains to cufflinks and tie pins.

Devotional Gifts
Skillfully sculpted idols or figurines of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi also make ideal and auspicious gifts for family, friends and acquaintances. One can find magnificent statues of these deities in all sizes and various materials, like antique brass, colorful bone china, plush white marble and in precious metals of gold and silver. These opulently decorated idols make a perfect gift for all devotees of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. Besides these, one can also gift various items that are used in Diwali prayers like intricately decorated Diwali puja thalis made of cane or brass, adorned with mirror work and other puja accessories like panchmukhi diya, supari, katoris etc. Gold and silver coins engraved with sacred images of deities and holy symbols are also great gift items for this occasion.

Diyas and Candles
Festival of Diwali is all about lights and decoration; thus, presenting someone with diyas and candles is quite an authentic way to convey Diwali greetings. The market is filled with numerous decorated and multicolored diyas and candles. However, you can make an effort to find authentic handmade diyas with ethnic hand-painted flower motifs that will surely make them standout from the regular clutter. Charming gifts of gel candles in multiple colors of red, blue, green and purple enchant one and all. Traditional vibrant and aromatic wax candles are also a wonderful option. Along with these, one can also gift contemporary metal candle stands, which come in various attractive shapes and sizes.

Home Decor Items and Gadgets
Throughout India on the festive occasion of Deepavali, the houses are kept clean and decorated with great effort and enthusiasm. As such, home decor items are most welcomed by everyone. Tasteful and aesthetic wall paintings with lights, colors, and divine beings as their theme are a great hit during Diwali. Besides these, one can also gift hand-crafted multicolored traditional chandeliers made of bright transparent paper or glass. Door hangings, known as torans, made out of glass beads, festooned with tinkling bells and traditional motifs, are also considered an auspicious gift for Diwali and are highly appreciated by one and all. With the dawn of the new age, various gadgets such as television, mobile phone, DVD player, home theatre system, MP3 player etc. have also become well accepted gift items for Diwali, and can be enjoyed by the entire family.