Brighten this Diwali for you family by presenting them with gifts, like food hampers, home linen packs, electronic appliances, etc.

Family Diwali Presents

No matter where an Indian lives, he/she cannot picture Diwali without their family. If you are one of such people, then this article on family Diwali gifts is for you. At times, we get so engrossed in buying gifts for every individual member of our family that we are left with little or no time to relax, soak in the festive mood and spend quality time with our supportive as well as loving family. This piece will assist you in finding gifts that will bring Diwali cheer to your entire family instead of individual members. This Diwali, present your family with gifts that are not just fascinating, entertaining or useful, but binds your family members together on this sacred festival of lights and fills their heart with love for each other.

Food Hampers
This Diwali, instead of buying different presents for all your family members living under the same roof, you can plan to gift them something that can be shared and enjoyed by all. Nothing can beat a large food hamper which signifies "The family that eats together stays together". Either you could buy an elaborate readymade branded gift hamper, which usually includes assorted food items like cookies, chocolates, dry fruits, some traditional sweets and namkeens, or you can make an effort and select favorite packaged food items of each member of your family and present them as a gift basket. This effort of yours will definitely be appreciated by your entire family.

Home Linen Packs
A home linen pack is a great gifting item that the entire family can enjoy and is most useful during the season of Diwali, when the entire houses are redecorated and refurbished. It is an important tradition that on the day of Diwali, fresh or new linens are used in the house to enhance its aura of cleanliness. Colorful bed sheets, a set of quilts, multiple towels, cushion covers, etc. are all part of the elaborate home linen packs available in the market today. These make very thoughtful family gifts for Diwali, as the products in the pack will be used in one or the other way by each member of the family.

Electronic Appliances
This Diwali, surprise your beloved family by bringing home some electronic appliance that was much needed by all. This could be anything, ranging from a microwave oven to a vacuum cleaner to any other kitchen appliance. Besides these, getting a home theater system or a surround sound music system is also a marvelous idea, as these will bring your family together. All family members will gather together in the living room to enjoy movies and music together. Diwali, indeed, is a wonderful time to shop for these items, as large stores and brands offer many interesting as well as money saving schemes to increase the sales of electronic items during the festive season.

Family Gift Vouchers
Diwali is a festival of togetherness that is meant to bring the family members close to each other. As such, you can present your family with a gift that they will love to enjoy together. One of the best options to do so is by presenting them gift vouchers for a complete festive family meal at your family's favorite restaurant. Besides this, we all love to watch movies. For this, you can get movie tickets in a plush movie theater booked for a great family entertainer and become the hero of the family. A word of caution, plan in advance as it is quite difficult to get bulk movie tickets at the last moment, due to the Diwali rush. However, if your budget is generous, then you can gift your entire family a weekend vacation at their preferred holiday resort.

Handmade Gifts
The gift of time and care is the best gift you can give to your loving and supportive family. Take out some precious time and using your creative skills, create a heart warming present that will make your family proud of you. You can create a family scrapbook that could include all the pictures of the Diwalis that you have spent together with your family. Include nice intriguing captions about each family members; this will certainly make all of them feel special. Also, you can prepare your genealogy tree, if you are willing to put extra effort and do some research. You can either hand make it or get it printed, but do not forget to get it framed so that it can be kept as a family keepsake.