Make this Diwali memorable for your kids by gifting unforgettable presents to them. This article enlists the different Diwali gift ideas for children.

Diwali Presents for Kids

The festivities of Diwali are relished by one and all, but none can stand when compared to the exuberance and vivacity that kids have for this festival, in particular. The lights, sweets, gifts and new clothes that the children receive on this festival make Deepavali one of their most loved and awaited festivals. Besides all the material things, the tales of legends of Lord Rama and his trusted aid Hanuman which are related by the elders, especially grandparents to the young ones, makes Diwali even more interesting for them. Today, markets are filled with numerous attractive items that would make any kid smile from ear to ear. However, while buying a gift for a little one, you must be cautious as to give them something which is not only related to the festival, but is also useful. Some of the most interesting gifting options for the kids are mentioned in the following lines.

Toys are an absolute classic and time tested gift for kids. You cannot go wrong here as long as you know the child's choice. But, of course, keep his/her age in mind. Soft toys are a great option for sprouts as they are cuddly and don't have any sharp edges. You can find a wide variety of them in the market, right from teddy bears and bunny rabbits to veggies like carrots, etc. If the kids you are gifting are a little older, then you can definitely get dolls like Barbie, Disney princesses for girls and action figures, such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etc. for guys. These make excellent gifting items for kids that they will definitely enjoy.

Food Hampers
Gifting various food hampers is also a traditional way of conveying greetings and best wishes on Diwali. However, if you'd thought that these hampers were for adults only, then it's time you think again. Nowadays, there are tailor-made food hampers available for kids as well. These hampers include various delicious as well as healthy food items, ranging from handmade delectable chocolates filled with healthy nuts to crispy multigrain cookies in various flavors, like chocolate, butterscotch, coconut, etc. Cakes and biscuits can also be added to these hampers if your child has a sweet tooth but make sure that you pick low-fat items. Those who love salty, various namkeen and funky snack hampers make wonderful gift options.

Books are the best gifts you can present a child. It will not just inculcate the habit of reading that shall help throughout life, but also increase his/her awareness and intelligence. Keeping the age of the child in mind, you can get an intriguing read for him/her. Anything from rhyme books to poetry books is fine. While buying a book, do keep the child's interest in mind. If they are into Disney characters, then buy fairy tale books like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice In Wonderland, and Gulliver's Travels. You can also get them arts and craft books or adventure books, like The Famous Five, Arabian Nights, Adventures of Tintin, etc.

DVDs and Video Games
You have a huge range of educational, music and children's movie DVDs on-hand in the market that are not only entertaining but can also help in the overall growth of the kids. You will find kids' movies of all genre, like princess movies, sports movies, Barbie movies, Disney movies, etc. Select any keeping the child's choice in mind. If you really want be an apple of your child's eye, then get him/her a video game or game CD this Diwali. However, before buying, make sure it is clean entertainment and not violent at all.

Accessories and Apparels
You can also consider traditional outfits to gift to kids on the occasion of Diwali. Markets are filled with trendy ethnic wear for kids of all ages. For boys, you can choose from options, like kurta payjama, dhoti or sherwani, while for girls, salwar kameez or lehengas are great choices. Besides clothes, if you are buying something for school going kids, then watches are a superb idea. You can get trendy watches, ranging from Disney themes to sports, for children of all age categories. Hairclips, bangles and other accessories are also loved by young girls and hence, make great Diwali presents.