Let your grandfather feel your love this Diwali by gifting him with presents, like antique gift items, legacy gifts, Ram Darbar, etc.

Diwali Presents for Grandfather

Diwali is a festival that gives one and all an opportunity to rekindle friendships and relations, spend time with loved ones and reminisce about old joyful memories. Take time to remember old times and you will always find the smiling and supportive presence of your grandfather in them. Make this Diwali absolutely special for him by gifting him something that is close to his heart. To zero in on the prefect gift for your absolutely adorable grandpa, take hints from his hobbies and interests. If your grandpa stays away from you, say, at your uncle's place or at an old-age home, then make sure that you visit him on Diwali and spend some quality time him and gift him something that is useful as well as interesting. Some such interesting options are mentioned in the lines below.

Antique Gift Items
If your grandpa is a sort of a maverick collector, then what can be better than to present him an antique item this Diwali? There are many reputed shops that deal in genuine antiquities, giving you options to choose from antique telescopes, gramophones, cameras, paintings, clocks and various other collector's items that your grandfather will feel proud to add in his collection. If your grandpa already has a gramophone, then find out about his taste in music and specific records that he does not have from your grandma or your parents and present him with those. This gesture of care and interest in his likes will definitely make him feel special.

Legacy Gifts
One of the great things that you can gift your grandfather who is quite literati is a legacy book. These books are available at bookstores and select stationery shops. These are organized memoirs that will help your grandfather record information about his life and make a great read for all his grandchildren and later generations to come. Recording details about his childhood and parents will give him a sense of fulfillment and connection with future generations of his family to come.

Ram Darbar
If your Grandpa has a religious bent of mind, then, this Diwali, gifting him a Ram Darbar would be a great idea. This set of deity idols includes figurines of Lord Rama, his wife Devi Sita and brother Laxman, both of whom accompanied him to the fourteen years of exile into the forest. Besides these idols, the set also includes the idol of Lord Rama's greatest devotee, Lord Hanuman, thus completing the Lord's family that is depicted in the Ram Darbar. Diwali, indeed, is celebrated in honor of the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya; thus, it will make an apt Diwali gift for your loving grandfather.

Handmade Gifts
Make this Diwali truly special for your dearest grandfather by presenting him with a gift that has a personal touch of your creativity in it. Gift him something that will always remind him how valued and irreplaceable he is for you and the entire family. What you can do is take a white T-shirt and have all the children of the family place their handprints on it in multicolor along with their names. Besides this, you could also present him with colorful handmade diyas and Diwali greetings. Your grandpa will definitely be touched by the time that you have taken out for him.

This Diwali, surprise your grandfather by gifting him with a modern gadget that is not only interesting but also useful to him. Introduce him to the latest technology but make sure that you take out time to explain how to use the gadget, so that he gets familiar with it. Gifting him with a GPS device that will assist him in finding his route around the city or a latest phone loaded with his favorite music are wonderful options. Also, you can present him with a portable blood pressure monitor or a sugar level indicator, if your grandpa is suffering from these problems and has to visit the doctor for these simple tests.