This Diwali, present your loving father with unique and thoughtful gifts, like tool kits, fitness products, electronics and gadgets, etc.

Diwali Presents for Father

Dads are such a treasure in our lives and Diwali is a perfect occasion for you to let your father know how much his presence in your life is cherished. Remember the time when he taught you to light your first firecracker, the lecture he gave about fire hazards and the pride that he felt when you lit it, without burning your finger or the house down. This Diwali, why not present him with a gift that is sweet, special and one-of-a-kind, similar to what he is to you? Though it is difficult to express certain emotions in words, but the following lines will surely be of help to you and let you zero down on the perfect Diwali gift for your good old dad. Read on.

Do-It-Yourself Kits
If your dad is a hands-on guy, who loves to fix stuff around the house and has an aptitude to do things on his own rather than calling a handyman or a plumber, then you can present him with a state-of-the-art tool kit that will give him the right equipment to showcase his talent. In case he already has enough tools, then you can consider a tool holder, where he can store his tools safely and without any hassle. If your dad is in love with his new car (rather than your mother!), then he will certainly appreciate a personalized car wash kit that will keep his car skip and span. Another classic gift for a tool freak can be a Swiss army knife.

Fitness Products
If your father is into exercising or you think that it is about time that he took his fitness seriously, then Diwali presents you with a perfect opportunity to gift him with various exercise and fitness equipment. Nowadays, the market is flooded with various fitness equipments, ranging from massaging chairs to sauna acupressure massage mats. However, if he is into a particular sport, like golf, then a golf kit or club set will certainly please him beyond words. Treadmill, spin exercise bicycles, and rowing machines are also great fitness equipments that will keep your father healthy.

Personal Grooming Kit
Believe it or not, men love to look good and if it has been a long time since your dad has experimented with his look, then it's high time you present him with a personal grooming kit, this Diwali. You can usually get these at branded stores or online but make sure it belongs to a reputed brand. These kits or hampers consist of styling razors with multiple attachments, plus perfumes, shaving gels and aftershave lotions. Surely, your dad will enjoy your thoughtful present.

Dry Fruit Hampers
Instead of gifting the usual fatty sweets and high calorie chocolates, this Diwali, go for the classic as well as healthy gifting alternatives for your father, such as dry fruits hamper. You can choose from a variety of dry fruits hampers, which include assorted dry fruit hamper, cashew nuts hamper, almonds hamper, pistachio hampers, etc. These are an absolutely healthy snack choice. Besides, gifting dry fruits to a loved one is considered highly auspicious on the festival of Diwali in India, as it symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

Electronics and Gadgets
The fact that no matter what their age, boys love their toys, the only difference age brings is that the gadgets and electronic items men crave are much more complex and expensive than before. If your dad has a fetish for the latest technology, then gifting him with one of those trendy gizmos would be your best option for a Diwali gift, be it an iPhone, Kindle, Tablet, Eee Pad, etc. If you know any particular electronic item that he has been yearning for, such as LED television or surround sound music system, then present him with one and see the twinkle in his eyes.