This article will assist you in navigating through the maze of various decoration ideas for the occasion of Diwali.

Diwali Decoration Ideas

The auspicious and much awaited festival of Diwali is celebrated with unparalleled exuberance throughout India. People start its preparations at least a month before. Repainting and refurbishing of houses, planning family get-togethers, extravagant shopping sprees for firecrackers and home decor items and visiting numerous loved ones to distribute sweets are some heartwarming and fun elements related to Diwali celebrations. A home is a reflection of a person's personality and, especially during Diwali season, when numerous friends, relatives and business acquaintances visit our home, we want them not only to clean and tidy, but to stand out from the rest. In this article, we present you some innovative and intriguing Diwali decoration ideas that will assist you in making your home absolutely stunning on the day of Diwali. Let's start decorating!

Accentuating the Exteriors
Make the exteriors of your house look absolutely inviting and charming. This can be easily achieved with little taste and effort. Nowadays, there are numerous electric light decorations available in the market. Stream your outer walls, balconies and windows with colorful strings of lights. Make sure that you do not buy colors that are too dark. Tiny fairy lights are a good option since they would not clash with your other decorations. If you are blessed with a garden, then you can hang them on bushes as well as trees that will certainly add to the ambiance of your house. You can do the same with Kandeels, which are special traditional paper lanterns used for illumination during Diwali and add an ethnic feel to the decor.

A vibrant rangoli of medium to large size drawn in your home's doorway will certainly look exquisite. You can choose from a wide array of designs, which can be made from wet color, dry color or with flower petals. If you are not the artist type, you can get rangoli stencils from the local market. Buy at least three to four types along with lots of different colors or flower petals that do not clash with the rest of your Diwali decorations. You can further enhance your rangoli by adding earthen diyas to it. Placing diyas and candles on your home's outer walls is a classic decoration option. You can do the same for the staircase as well, besides hanging fresh flower strings.

Entrance Embellishments
Spectacular torans, which are traditional door hangings made of fresh flowers, are a wonderful way to adorn your doors, especially the front door. They compliment rangolis charmingly. If you are running short on time, then you can buy them from the local market. Various modern varieties of torans like beaded, floral, ethnic, abstract, etc. are now easily available in the markets. However, if you are going in for an ethnic look, make sure to hang floral torans made of marigold flowers mixed and matched with bells and mirrors. Hanging traditional paper lanterns on the door arch is another terrific door decoration idea. To make things interesting for your guests instead of an electric door bell, hang a manual bell that your guests can ring to announce their arrival.

Interior Adornments
Now, let's come to the interiors of your house. This is a very crucial part of Diwali decorations and hence, should not be hurried. Make sure that you do not over decorate the interiors of your home. One of the best ways to add light and ethnicity in your living room is by placing a large glass or earthen pot filled with water and adorned with floating lamps as well as fresh flower petals. You can use hanging candle holders to add further ethnic appeal to your rooms. Room doors can be festooned with garlands while colorful saris can be used as wall hangings. Make sure that the curtains and cushion covers gel well with your Diwali decorations. You can put in some spiritual charisma in your interior decorations by placing photos of various deities in your rooms. Fragrant incense sticks will further enhance the festive aura of your home.